Writing Clips

Viva Las Artists

Beyond Las Vegas’ flashy fluorescent lights and the methodical clinking arts and culture scene that is often overlooked.

A Tale of Two Trades

Behind the plot twists, musical scores, and "movie magic" of cinema's greatest triumphs, is a character wearing really smart clothes.

Optimist Prime

I’m generally a glass-half-full kind of person. There have been many people in my life who keep my glass topped up—two in particular come to mind.

It’s In the Bag

Designer Jason Wu speaks to Lisa Felepchuk about his gender-bending fall 2015 collection, and his new contemporary handbags.

Bits and Baubles

Lisa Felepchuk speaks to lighting designer Lindsay Adelman about her whimsical creations that blend sculptural style elements with functionality.

404: Page Not Found

Nashville’s cool factor is on the rise. Lisa Felepchuk uncovers a unique boutique property that’s pushing design boundaries. Published in S/ ...