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Viva Las Artists

Beyond Las Vegas’ flashy fluorescent lights and the methodical clinking arts and culture scene that is often overlooked. More

A Tale of Two Trades

Behind the plot twists, musical scores, and "movie magic" of cinema's greatest triumphs, is a character wearing really smart clothes. More

Wearing Sportswears on the Street

Athleti-leisure hits the street and Lisa shows how to wear it on The Social. More

Optimist Prime

I’m generally a glass-half-full kind of person. There have been many people in my life who keep my glass topped up—two in particular come to mind. More

Top Watch Trends for The Season

Sharing the top trends in timepieces for 2015 on CTV's The Social. More

It’s In the Bag

Designer Jason Wu speaks to Lisa Felepchuk about his gender-bending fall 2015 collection, and his new contemporary handbags. More

Three Ways to Wear ’70s Style

From bellbottoms to fringe, Lisa demonstrates how to modernize the ’70s look for Global’s Morning Show. More

Womenswear: How to Wear All White

Lisa shows how to wear an all white ensemble during the summer. More

Menswear: Making White on White Work

E! host Tyrone Edwards gets decked out in all white thanks to Lisa’s expert advice. More

Most Stylish Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Lisa selects Mother's Day gifts for CHCH. More